HVAC Engineering

  • Ventilation system : Design of natural and mechanical ventilation.
  • Natural Ventilation : Designing natural ventilation based on stack effect and aspirating effect due to wind velocity.
  • Mechanical ventilation : Design Forced ventilation system with or without air washer as per Client's requirement and atmospheric condition.
  • Air conditioning : DX system, VRF system, chiller based air conditioning system, package AC system
  • Techno-commercial comparative of various kind of air conditioning systems to have cost optimization and energy efficient system, selection of filters to have adequate indoor air quality, insulation selection, air distribution analysis, static pressure calculation, selection of type of chillers, etc.
  • Selection of AC system based on Client's budget, ambient condition, human and equipment load, power and water availability. Calculate heat load, air distribution diagram, air balancing, sizing of air handling unit, selection of type of chillers based of water, power and space availability.
  • Duct sizing, Duct routing, duct interface with architectural/civil.
HVAC Engineering