Fire Protection Engineering

  • Study fire hazard category of factory based on factory process, process material, as per material to be stored, rack height /material storage height.
  • Calculation of fire load
  • Decide how and when to apply performance and prescriptive based fire design approach.
  • Prepare Fire escape route
  • Active fire protection system.
  • Design yard hydrant system and internal fire hydrant system: decide number of hydrants, distance between hydrants.
  • Design of fire sprinkler system: Selection of K factor, temperature rating of fire sprinkler based roof temperature, area coverage by sprinkler pattern, type of
  • sprinkler upright/pendent based on factory process and process material, factory layout.
  • Selection of fire extinguishers
  • Design of Fire alarm and detection system (FAD)
  • Design Foam sprinkler system
  • Fire water tank sizing
  • Design of pumping for as per NFPA/UL
  • Passive fire protection: fire door, building material selection, etc.
Fire Protection Engineering